The Sunrise skate program takes place at the Pagel Activity Center during the winter. These sessions can be 1:1 or 2:1 and are for the early morning goalies.

ll training will be with our Lead Goalie Coach Dave Rogalski.

For more information/scheduling/pricing please contact Dave Rogalski at


Impact Goaltending is available for travel to consult with Pro, Junior, AAA, High School and association training. Every team is looking for more help with this important position. Please contact us if your interested in any consulting package.

Team Training
If your association team doesn’t have a goalie coach we will send out an Impact Goalie coach to any practice in the metro or any weekend trip throughout the state.

Mental Training
This is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to this position. Weather its goal setting or game preparation. We want to help.

Individual Training with Impact at the Edina and Blaine Goalcrease is available with Dave Rogalski. Call or email for details.

For more information contact us at